Tiger Spirit
Karate Academy
Shotokan based Karate in Canterbury, Melbourne
The Tiger Spirit Name
       When Tiger Spirit started it needed a name that could identify the school as having a Shotokan heritage. Shotokan being symbolised by a Tiger made “Tiger Spirit Karate Academy” an easy choice. Hence our logo with a version of the Shotokan Tiger and a red heart symbolising spirit.
      In Karate circles it is traditional to have Kanji (Japanese writing) depicting the name of the school on your uniform. The Japanese Kanji above our name says “Tora” (Tiger).
      While a verbal translation of Tiger Spirit into Japanese is “Tora Shin”, we don’t have any Kanji for shin (spirit) because there are at least 6 different Kanji, each having a specific meaning of spirit. None of the Kanji options translate back into English as “Tiger Spirit”. An example of one poor translation was “Tiger Alcohol”. Fortunately “Tora” by itself has a significant meaning of spirit in traditional Japanese culture.
Contact Sensei Andrew on 0412 248 157 or Info@tigerspirit.com.au