Tiger Spirit
Karate Academy
Shotokan based Karate in Canterbury, Melbourne
At Tiger Spirit we teach Shotokan based Karate. It is important to emphasize the “based” for two reasons.
       We have modified what we teach from Shotokan. We want our students to know this from the start, so that later, people are not confused when they see differences between what is taught in class, and what is in traditional reference materials on the internet or in books. We also don’t want people to think that we are pretending to be something that we are not.
       We believe that calling what we teach Shotokan based pays respect to, and acknowledges the system that gave us the majority of the Karate we do. However we do not want to be disrespectful to Gichin Funakoshi’s legacy by allowing students to perceive that we teach exactly what he taught!
       We are an independent club. That means we are free to teach our own syllabus, and we have the freedom to make technical changes as we see fit. We are not controlled by a governing body half a world away. So if you ask a technical question of our head instructor in class, you will be given a technical answer. You will never be told “we do it that way because that’s how they do it in Japan” or “we do it that way because that’s the way it’s been done for hundreds of years
       Being independent doesn’t mean that we are alone. We have friendships with other Shotokan schools, and exchange knowledge freely.
Our Karate consists of 3 main areas of training…..
1. Basics (Kihon)
2. Forms or Patterns (Kata)
3. Fighting exercises (Kumite)
Our Karate - Introduction
Contact Sensei Andrew on 0412 248 157 or Info@tigerspirit.com.au