Tiger Spirit
Karate Academy
Shotokan based Karate in Canterbury, Melbourne
Kumite Skills Videos
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Footwork Drill No.1
Footwork Drill No.2
Back Leg Up and Line Break
Guard Check and Attack
Counter Line Break Against Guard Check
Front Hand Attack on a Retreat
Front Hand Attack on a Rear Foot Line Break
Front Hand Block on a Rear Foot Line Break
Counter Line Break with Mai / Yoko Keri
Footwork Drill - Forwards and Sideways
Sideways and Circular Foot Work
Front Foot Swivel / Line Break
Reaction Workshop #1
Reaction Workshop #2
Stance Lenght Variation
Stance Lenght Variation #2
Take Down: Outside Front Leg Sweep 
Stance Lenght Variation #3
Side Swapping with Retreat or Advance
Changing Stances
Target Reaction Drills
Random Combination Drills

Movement - Forwards Backwards Push
Movement - Forwards Backwards Shuffle
Movement - Zig Zag Routine
Movement - 45 Forwards and Backwards Rapid
Movement - Sideways Shuffle (to engage a circling opponent)